Week 6 - 5K Club/Yoga Subbing - Intro to Meditation

Meditation is a way to give our minds a rest - to help us look at our inner self and just be.

This week we talked about some meditation techniques to help quiet our minds.  

One way is to give our mind something to do.  We can use our breath (concentrating on breathe in/breathe out while we meditate).  

Another is repeat a phrase (a "mantra") while we meditate.  Example:  breathe in "Finding"/breathe out "Peace"

And the last method we talked about was using Tratakam Mediation (Candle Gazing).  We did a 5 minute meditation where we gazed at a candle (without blinking) and after a few minutes - allowed our eyes to shut and continued to meditate.

I encourage you to try this on your own.  A good time to do this is after you've had movement (gone on a walk or done your 15 min yoga routine).

When you are finished meditating - I encourage you to have a journal that you write down all the things that come to mind - right after you are done meditation.

Enjoy the journey of your life!



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