Two "Paddle" Quilts for the Paddle Room

I joined "Rivers Edge Antiques and Quilt Loft" UFO (Unfinished Objects Challenge" - My Letter "B" commitment was to "Design and Assemble a new quilt top for the Paddle Room (King or 2 twin XL)"  

My original quilt for the room was a queen size (my "wave" quilt") but then we decided to do 2 Twin XL beds instead.  Since we use the room more often as separated beds I've decided to make 2 twin XL quilt tops using some of the "Paddle" themed fabric I've collected over the years.

When I started I thought about trying to mimic the "Paddle" painting I did for the room - 

The challenge started on the 12th of January and I finished the two quilt tops on the 31st of January - whew!

28 Crossed Canoes - Crossed Canoes "How To" Link

6 Paddles

Quilts can be on the beds either direction and are kind of mirror images of each other.

I made the centers first and then added 2 borders on each side and then an additional border top and bottom. 

Testing out the sizes on the beds they will go on.  Seems pretty good.  Dropping off with the long arm quilting shop soon!


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