Twig Side Table Finished!

Click HERE to see a video and see other photos

What's for Dinner????

What's for Dinner?  For the Last few weeks I've started a rotation so I don't have to think so hard to plan my meals with all the extra cooking, I don't adhere perfectly and sometimes swap the days but I've been sticking with this and its made it so much easier to plan and cook!
Monday's - Leftover Night (or Soup/Sandwiches if we don't have any):  this week I made egg salad sandwiches.

Tuesday - Mexican Themed Meal  this week I made chicken pepper stir fry with homemade guacamole - since I don't eat poultry...I had black beans, guacamole, peppers, black corn chips and tomatoes.

Wednesday - Homemade Vegan Chili(I always make it vegan)

Thursday - Creative Cooking Night (Indian/Asian/Brazilian Inspired etc...) - Tonight's made up meal - click for recipe:  Seafood Rice Stew with Spicy Tomatoes

Friday - Pasta Meal

Saturday - Traditional Farm Style - "Meat"/Potatoes or Rice/Vegetables/Bread

Sunday - Pizzaclick for recipe

Thanksgiving Syle Meal Delivered!

I made "Thanksgiving" food for my family.  Delivered to my Dad and my Son as well.

You can only get a 12 lb turkey this time of year - good thing I was cooking for 5 vs 30!
All non-dairy for my Son.  Made homemade "mushroom soup" with non dairy for my sons green bean casserole.  All the sides were vegan (except eggs in the pie).  Not pictured homemade gravy from the turkey drippings.  My Dad made his famous cold carrots and Jello with fruit cut up to share.

For my Dad - he loves the neck!

For my Son - plenty to share with roommates.
Not Pictured - at least this much for us left at home.  My other son said the next morning "Mom - you should do a thanksgiving style meal like that more often - I'm not even hungry yet!".  This coming from a kid that eats 5 big meals a day!

Masks For My Yoga Students - Made and Delivered!

I made a bunch of masks to give away to my Loyal Yoga Students.  These can't protect you from the virus but they are better than nothing!  I'm done after 16 but my sister Teresa has made tons!  Check it out

Arbor Made of Sticks Finished!

Arbor Made of Sticks is Finished - Check it out HERE

Only sticks.  No screws or anything used to hold it together.  Used some woven sticks to connect it to our deck posts.

How to make Homemade Pizza

Finally wrote up my "how to" on the best homemade pizza - check it out!

Working from Home Tips

As many of you know - I have worked a full-time job - remote for years.

Here are my tips on how to stay sane and maintain a work life balance.  I can't say I always success at all of this - but it is what I strive for!

1)  Get up each day and do YOUR morning routine.  If you just hang out in your PJs all day - its easy to start to feel depressed.

Make a list of what you did before, and make sure you keep doing them.  Now is the time to add good habits, and break bad ones.  Eat a healthy breakfast, shower, get dressed, work out, floss, meditate, pray etc....
2)  Have a "spot" that is your "office".  When you are there you are working.

This will also help define a difference between working and not working.  This can be 2 different chairs or 2 different rooms anything.
3)  Done forget to eat/don't overeat/drink.  I've honestly had both issues.

Its easy to get absorbed into your "job" and forget to come up for air - take a break and eat meals.  

Thursday Night Yoga Classes - Moving OnLine

I really can't believe how just a few short weeks can change everything!

My Yoga Classes will be moving to online.  Both the Seated Chair Class and the Yoga Flow Class.

I will be developing classes and recording/posting them for your Yoga use whenever you need a moment for you.

If you want to join my online community - please reach out and let me know - I'm still figuring out pricing.

Those that were signed up for my classes - we will be have a Thursday night "checkin session".

We will not be doing yoga, but will touch base about how we are doing, ask questions about the on-line classes and any special requests.

So far I only have my 15 minute morning yoga recording available, but plan to have many more by the end of the weekend.  My goal is at least 2-3 more 15 min routines for Chair and Flow yoga each and at least 1 full hour long class.

Keep Safe Everyon…

Chakra Series Theme Coming Soon!

The theme for my March/April Yoga Session for my yoga teaching for BodyMindCircle will be all about the chakras.  Each class we will concentrate on balancing our chakras.  Come join me for one or the entire session!
Pricing can be found HERE!
Early Bird Pricing ends this Thursday!  Come and Move with Me I'd love to have you!