The Yoga Adventure Continues!

Wow - can you believe its already the end of Jan!  I've been subbing the Thursday night Seated Chair and the Yoga Flow classes since November.  It's not too late to join us for the rest of the Jan/Feb Session and then continue on with me for the March/April session.  Yes - I'm going to keep going.   We have a great group of yogis each week, but we are happy to add some more.

Both classes provide options and opportunities as well as challenge.  Come, move and breath with us!

Info about my class and others are posted on the BodyMindCircle website

Be sure to call/text the teacher you will be there so we can expect you!

Started my First Real Quilt Project

I usually wait until I finish a project to post about it - but this one will take me awhile - so - I'll post some updates once in awhile!

I've been toying with doing a quilt for my bed for awhile - but never got excited about a style or pattern until I finally ran across THIS for inspiration in Pinterest.

For the record, I have only ever made a "sampler" quilt when my daughter was a baby.  She is now 25, and the quilt wasn't very big. I ended up purchasing the 6 Point Star Quilt block pattern from "Kits by Carla" after watching her video on YouTube.

I decided to make the 12" size - and a few items of note if you also get the pattern and want to do the 12" size:
You only need the same qty of strips as the other sizes (not 4 only 2) you will see what I meanYou need 3 1/2" strips - don't only cut 2" or your are in trouble...been there, done that :( I made one set of eight - 6 Point Star Blocks...and thought - wow - I now have the m…

About my Logo

I decided that since I have a website to talk about all my creative pursuits - I wanted a Logo (and a "Favicon") to go along with it.

I used my calligraphy skills to make a symbol that is a "take" on the White Trillium flower (see the "C" for Create and the "S" for Stretch. (the "C" portion of the Logo is my "Fabicon" - PS what you see when you click to go to the URL of my site.
My Son Spencer Pauly turned my drawing into the real thing for my Christmas Gift this year - Thanks Spencer!

Dairy Free Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms and Dip!

I love Spinach Artichoke Dip but that does not work in a house of Gluten Free and no Dairy.

So......this is what I came up with click "HERE" for the full recipe!  Enjoy!

I want to keep this gift!

I made this for my father in law and I LOVE IT!  
Amazing shoe horn you do not need to bend over to use.

I'm always struggling to throw on my shoes when I'm running out the door.

This would be so awesome to have!  I guess I will need to keep my eye our for just the right stick - and make one for myself (assuming I can get my hands on the "kit" for it again).

Click HERE for a view of all my Christmas gift giving Woodworking projects.

2020 Yoga Teaching!

Time to register for 2020 yoga classes - think about it!   I'm again subbing the Thursday evening classes.

Coconut Curry Shrimp - NUM!

Fun Indian Themed Meal with Great Friends! I made a Coconut Curry Dish with Shrimp to pour over rice.  Sheyla made, from scratch, homemade Naan bread and Cindy made Squash Salad.  Dawn brought Indian Appetizers, Sheyla also brought, Palak Paneer from Maharaja Indian Cuisine, and Theresa brought awesome deserts from Byerlys.  They all also brought wine.

Good friends + good food + wine = great evening!

After we ate we played One Night Vampire - what a hoot!

I'm so Blessed!

I'm so lucky to have an amazing family!  33 people for Thanksgiving - both sides of the family.

Seated Yoga Class

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.  Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Especially good for those who with injuries/stiffnes; needing to go slow.  We will do full range of motion of joints while seated. Learn proper alignment in poses.  Learn how to make the poses work for you by using props such as blankets, blocks, straps and chairs. Moving to the floor will not be required for this class.
A great way to "move"!  Come join us - click "HERE" for more info!