King Quilt Top Done!

Click HERE for more views and info on my quilt!


A new sign for my son - carved and stained

Copper/Steel Coffee/Wine Glasses Done!

I've had my eye on these glasses for awhile - and I finally got them and then added my own flair by painting them.  Each one is unique so everyone knows which glass is theirs!

Fall Deer Family in the woods

Nordic Skier



Roasting Marshmallows

Standup Paddle Boarding

My Garden is my Happy Place

Gift for my Sister-in-Law who loves to garden.  Click HERE for how it looked like with the carving before it was painted.

Canister Set - Done!

Working on my oil painting skills!  All for my future "coffee bar" area!

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

I just rotate across all my joys.  I've now been learning to draw and paint so I can get better with the carving part of my woodworking! A rock from Nancy's yard...

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Bella modeling Spencer's new computer case.

Recent Carving Projects

Outdoor Fire Pit DONE!

Purchased an Outdoor Fire Pit (Home Depot) - "some" assembly required.  I did it myself!  Took awhile but I did it!

Outdoor Oasis Progress!

My Outdoor Oasis is coming along.
Moved the arbor and placed all my finished pieces around it.  Added my hammock.  Now I need a fire pit!
If you want to know more about the pieces - click on its name:
Log Bench
Twig Side Table
Twig Bar
Cherry Rounds Side Table
Game of Thrones Chair
Arbor Made of Sticks

Twig Bar Finished!

Twig Bar now finished - matches the twig side table posted earlier.
Click HERE for more info!