Upcoming Yoga Teaching

New Class Body Flow Yoga taught by Ruth!

This class will get you fully warmed up, let you explore your own strength and power and then you will cool down, stretch your muscles and then fully let go.  You will leave class feeling strong, relaxed and at peace.

Most Thursdays Nov/Dec 2019

New Class Seated Yoga  taught by Ruth!

Especially good for those who with injuries/stiffness & needing to go slow.  We will do full range of motion of joints while seated. Learn proper alignment in poses.  Learn how to make the poses work for you by using props such as blankets, blocks, straps and chairs.
Moving to the floor will not be required for this class.

Most Thursdays Nov/Dec 2019

Come and join one of my classes!

Cooking Day

Enjoyed my day of cooking for my youngest boy.  He's been home from College on Fall break and he wanted some stuff to take home.

Of course he needed to start his day with home made waffles!

Bananna Bread and a Pumpkin Bundt cake to bring back:

He's allergic to dairy and has been missing tortellini noodles.  I made them from scratch from my own "cheese" filling recipe and he said it was as good as store bought!

I also made my own vegan pesto and tossed it with the scraps....we got to keep this one for us.  It's likely my other son will come home for this one.

And not pictured were 2 Lasagnas made with some of the "cheese" filling acting as a ricotta layer.

5K Success!

Each of us were at least 5 min faster than our goals - way to go ladies!

Such a joy to go through this with all of you - great job and keep up the hard work!

Last Yoga Subbing for Oct

Last Class for October - Subbing for Joe at Anytime Fitness in Coon Rapids!  Good job guys!  I hope to be your sub in the future!

Sofa Table Project Complete!

I've been working on this project for almost 2 years - finally got it done!

Live Edge Black Walnut Top with Maple Tree Branch Legs (bark removed)
Click here for All the Photos

Click here for matching coffee table

Maria's Birthday Gift!

Happy Birthday Maria (one day early)!
I made her a set of Towels with a stand up Paddle Board Yoga Theme and a little yoga pouch.  We all enjoyed a Nice Yoga class at Lifecore Yoga and then went to Sushi at SuiShin - wonderful night.

Wine Box Holder

Wooden Wine Box holder - built by my Father, decorated by me, Gift to my cousins.  Goodbye Box #16!

Week 6 - 5K Club/Yoga Subbing - Intro to Meditation

Meditation is a way to give our minds a rest - to help us look at our inner self and just be.
This week we talked about some meditation techniques to help quiet our minds.  
One way is to give our mind something to do.  We can use our breath (concentrating on breathe in/breathe out while we meditate).  
Another is repeat a phrase (a "mantra") while we meditate.  Example:  breathe in "Finding"/breathe out "Peace"
And the last method we talked about was using Tratakam Mediation (Candle Gazing).  We did a 5 minute meditation where we gazed at a candle (without blinking) and after a few minutes - allowed our eyes to shut and continued to meditate.
I encourage you to try this on your own.  A good time to do this is after you've had movement (gone on a walk or done your 15 min yoga routine).
When you are finished meditating - I encourage you to have a journal that you write down all the things that come to mind - right after you are done meditation.
Enjoy the jour…

Upcoming Subbing

Thursday Oct 10 6:15-7:30  BodyMindCircle
Saturday Oct 12  8:30 AM Anytime Fitness in CoonRapids
Tuesday Oct 15  7:30 PM Anytime Fitness in CoonRapids
Saturday Oct 19  8:30 AM Anytime Fitness in CoonRapids
Tuesday Oct 22  7:30 PM Anytime Fitness in CoonRapids
Time to get more lavender eye pillows ready for all this subbing! (and I have a few unscented ones as well)

Week 5 - 5K Club

Had to make this "Sacral Chakra" soup again after having for the first time with my 5K Club!  Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Fennel, Veg Broth, Coconut Milk,  Coconut Oil,  Turmeric, Cinnamon and Salt in my InstaPot - Garnished with pumpkin seeds, super easy and nummy!
Recipe from the Eat Feel Fresh cookbook by Sahara Rose Ketabi
We enjoyed doing our week 4 walk together even if it was rainy
After our walk we did our stretches, discussion of what "Dinacharya" means, had a short Yoga session and then shared a meal!    I can't believe the race is coming up fast!