Stick Furniture

I started building stick furniture for the great joy of making something out of almost nothing.

Then right after I built my first chair - a tree fell down in our front yard...WOW!

Now my garage is full of branches and I'm busily figuring out what to make with them.

I first learned to use a battery operated drill, and an electric sander.  Then I learned to use our drill press.

"Game Changer" was learning to use a miter saw (Fall of 2017).

Next I took a woodworking class at Woodcraft and got introduced to lots of things...NOTE:  I made the most expensive cutting board I'll ever own (2018).

From there I've gotten comfortable with using a router, jointer and planer.  I also learned to use a "biscuit jointer" (Used that to connect the rounds in the Cherry Round Side Table).

Christmas 2018 gift was a really nice planer - one of the few tools my husband did not own.

Christmas 2019, I got a really nice bandsaw (replacing the old one that I clearly kept killing....  Now you will really see me up my game!  I also learned to carve.

2020-2021 I learned to Paint so starting adding that to may work.

2022 I learned to cut wood veneer with a Cricut.

Click links below for some of my recent projects:

Picture Frame (see the framed deer painting dated 9/26/2020)

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