Snowflake Wall Hanging - From Failure to Success

I joined " Rivers Edge Antiques and Quilt Loft " UFO (Unfinished Objects Challenge" -  My "K" project for Febuary is to "Design and make a custom Snowflake wall hangings for the Nordic Room"

I had started a few years ago making a snowflake quilt and had used my cricuit to cut out some snowflakes and infuse them onto fabric - when I tried to sew around these it was impossible because of the infusing glue gummed up my machine so I stopped and pivoted as I didn't want to use them for my quilt.  The 12 pieces I have are just sitting here.  I won't use them all but will do something to take them and turn them into a wall hanging.

Example of the one I tried stitching - but it was a failure....I will need to do some stitching - will need to go really slow so the glue does not get heated up and gum up the works again!

Now my design is taking me to making a "snowflake" with a round center - new challenge!  Will connect it together using some leftover "sky" fabric from the paddle quilts.

Final Version done!


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