Wave Quilt

Hind-site is 20/20 - the way this quilt was made is not recommended but this is what I did:

1)  Used 5 jelly rolls of Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Open Waters

2)  Sorted them out and created sets of strips that had 5 colors, 5 strips of each color, and rotated the order.

3)  Sewed together each set of 5, at an angle, to create 5 panels per set and made 7 of these sets, 3 gray, 2 light blue, 2 teal blue. Also rotated the order of the colors so the lightest one was in a different location for each panel made.  This made the location of the lightest color on a different row for each panel.

4)  Cut each panel at an angle in different widths (1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 2.5, 1.5) and then sewed them back together switching the order to make the "wave". 

5)  Squared up each panel.  And then created the "Plan" to sew it all back together using the lightest color to identify what to put in each spot.  Also the bottom and top 2 rows had "3's", the next 2 rows top and bottom had "4's" and the center 2 rows had the "5's" - meaning the "wave" ran across the middle. 

Plan was to sew some panels vertical, and some horizontal.

6)  Note the "wave" part moved from being on the side to going across the center.  Used the one that had it across the center for the middle of the quilt.

In the end there were 100 squares used to make this quilt.

Quilt is now off the the Long Arm Quilt shop - http://afterallquilting.com  - After-All Long Arm Quilting - can't wait to get it back!

------Update Oct 24, 2022

Wonderful job they did - my sister helped me bind this one - used the same fabric as the backing which was organic "Twilight Blue" from HarmonyArt at https://www.harmonyart.com, color is not very reflective in this photo tho.


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