I'm mostly watching youtube videos (love Angela Anderson ones) to learn how to draw and paint.  This should help me become better at carving but I'm loving painting just for painting too!!!!   I'm getting way to many hobbies.

I'm going to start putting my various canvas painting projects here if they are not related to some other project - enjoy!

Latest Projects:

Cricut Plus Painting Art Click Here

Past Projects:

Paddle Room Art Click HERE


Link to Painted Bathroom Accessories

Nordic/Paddle Themed   Click HERE

Link to Painted Bathroom Accessories

Deer/Trillium Themed   Click HERE

Trees/Birds Themed Bathroom Accessories  Click HERE

Link to Bluebird of Happiness Wedding Shower  Click HERE

Painted Cups Thankyou Gift

Painted Cups for my Family

The inspiration for the next 3 cups...

Painted Coffee Ground Holder - Gift for my Youngest

Painted Winebottle/Light - Gifts

Painted Bike/Swim/Ski Gift for my Son 

Painted Composte Bin (2 sides different) - Gift to Sister-in-Law

Lake Inspired Art

Updated Wooden Pizza Peel and Cutting Board for a Friend - see us snowshoeing?

Oversized Mason Jar Canister Tops (11/22/2020)

Painted wood spoons for fun! (10/27/2020)

These 2 are for a "Nordic" themed room (10/2020)

This won me 3rd prize for a work contest!  Used the prize money to buy "bellows!" that I have now painted!

Bear and Deer (8x10) 10/2020

Misty Fall Deer Project (8x10) 10/2/2020

16x20 Deer with Landscape - I made the frame myself!  9/26/2020

16 x 20 Green Ghost Deer (Angela Anderson tutorial) 8/29/2020

Painted - Birch Trees with Cardinals 8/2020

Old Cork Placemat / wooden lids

How it all started......

I won an art set at work - how fun - now learning to paint and draw so I can get better with my carving and add more creativity to my projects!

Click HERE for carving projects


hiyala said…
Very fun. Are the white areas above the fire marshmellows?
Ruth Pauly said…
Yes - I tried to make them look like they were getting toasted.

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