Blue Bird of Happiness Wedding Shower

 So fun getting prepared for a "Bluebird of Happiness" Themed Wedding Shower

The invitations/Thank you notes - Real first endeavor into watercolor painting.

Above/Below:  This one was the first painted invitation and the inspiration for the rest!  

The Prizes:  

5 tiny plants with the couples name stickers, 2 towels with the "bird" printed by with uploaded water color image from favorite invitation, 3 "bird" painted wine bottles with "ring" solar fairy lights, 2 painted thermal cups with cardinal theme.

Tin painted cup (acrylic) given to the bride as a gift - along with a painted nightlight (not pictured)

The table scapes/Food:

Cindy used her birthday gift "Cindy's Charcuterie" board to make an wonderful board.

 (pictured above - I made the boards and burned in the words)

Theresa used her amazing veggie display skills to make a wonder veggie platter.  She also made the Caprese Skewers.  I did the deviled eggs with 4 "chicks". 

Not pictured in the desert table was all the wonderful coffee cakes we made together the night before!

Games we played:

Bingo, Love Story Matchup, Bird on Bottom of Plate and we drew for the last 3 gifts.

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