Trillium Quilt

 Quilt top # 3 - here we go.

This one would be very different than my other 2 because of how it would be assembled.  I decided to have a large square in the middle, with 4 anchor squares on each corner, with 3 squares connecting.  I also wanted this to be the largest quilt I had made to date.

Also different because I had special fabric printed from a photo of trillium flowers from our land.  This would be the inspiration for the entire thing.

I also learned to use a new software called "Procreate Picket" on my cell phone.  This allowed me to "draw" 4 trillium flower designs (inspired by real ones), and then use those drawings to cut fabric shapes out using my Cricut.

So 8 of the squares used an appliqué technique to create the trilliums.

I was also blessed to have some amazing fabric from Harmony.  My favorite has been "stumps speak" for a long time, and I was able to incorporate some of the last of this beautiful cotton fabric in my project.  I also used "silent stumps" for the trillium leaves throughout the project.

Images created by Procreate Pocked and used to print out the fabric with the Cricut.

This is what these become

Also did Leaves:

The center was freehand cut and sewn onto my special Spoonflower Trillium fabric:

After final assembly - here is is!  I just got it back from being Long Arm quilted - I need to do the binding and some special hand sewing to add one more element - then its done.


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