Christmas Woodworking Projects

I made a ton of things to give as gifts this year.  All had maple tree branch handles.

For the Shoe Horn project I started with a "turning kit" from Rockler but I don't have a lathe so I came up with the next best thing - my "sticks"!  Other "kits" I got off of Amazon and a few from Woodcraft.

For all of my projects I picked my favorite pieces from my quickly dwindling pile of sticks (clearly I need more soon) and set about the task of making it even more interesting.

It starts by removing some of the bark.  Then drilling the holes to be able to insert the pre-purchased pieces from the "kit".

Then used my fancy/dancy sander/dust collection system, that I did not realize we had until recently (PS - cool awesome sander attached to our table saw (now I see "a system").  This is what happens when you are married to a woodworker but was uninterested until after 25 years of marriage!

Use the sander on all parts, including ends to have it look good once glued.

Then do first layer of super fuzzy now - why - well we did add - more sanding....then another layer.

On some of the bottle openers and the Grill set I add "Luxembourg" sticker/crest to the pieces.....Time to go back...

I made Bottle Openers

I made Letter Openers

A shoehorn (super long - you don't even have to bend over to use it)

Grill Set

 Gardening Set

I added hooks to this and it became a Jewelry Holder.

SSSSHHHH!  You will have to come back later to see that last few things as they have not been given to the recipients yet!

In total I made:

1 Shoehorn
10 Bottle Openers (with 8 cloth pouch)
5 Letter Openers (with cloth pouch)
2 Pig Tail Turners
1 Grill Set (with a cover)
1 Gardening Set
5 something secret....will add info later (I kept 1) with a custom cloth bag with assessors
1 something secret...will add info tomorrow with a cloth pouch
1 Live Edge Jewelry Holder
1 Live Edge Picture Frame
1 Wine Bottle Topper


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