Started my First Real Quilt Project

I usually wait until I finish a project to post about it - but this one will take me awhile - so - I'll post some updates once in awhile!

I've been toying with doing a quilt for my bed for awhile - but never got excited about a style or pattern until I finally ran across THIS for inspiration in Pinterest.

  • For the record, I have only ever made a "sampler" quilt when my daughter was a baby.  She is now 25, and the quilt wasn't very big.
I ended up purchasing the 6 Point Star Quilt block pattern from "Kits by Carla" after watching her video on YouTube.

I decided to make the 12" size - and a few items of note if you also get the pattern and want to do the 12" size:
  1. You only need the same qty of strips as the other sizes (not 4 only 2) you will see what I mean
  2. You need 3 1/2" strips - don't only cut 2" or your are in trouble...been there, done that :(
I made one set of eight - 6 Point Star Blocks...and thought - wow - I now have the makings of a quilt!  I wonder how many I need....much googling and math later....much to my chagrin - I needed/wanted (there are lots of choices here), 7 more sets of 8 (total of 64) to make a queen/king size coverlet...shoot.  So I made a second set (different color background) I have 16 blocks done (of 64).  Two sets done in one week - good progress, but...

I'm sorry - I can't/won't/don't have the patience/will get bored making 64 of the same thing.....much googling....gears spinning....

Ran across an apparently very traditional quilt block called the "Crossed Canoes"....makes sense - I'm doing this quilt for our future cabin.  We have White Trillium Flowers on the Property...the land is lakefront, canoes work.

However, I'm sorry - "paper piecing" this thing would take "forever" and tons of fabric no way for me.  I came up with a way to make many batches of crossed canoes at once....Click "HERE" for my instructions.  So now I have 4 sets of 8 for 32 blocks (1/2 of the blocks I need) to get creative with the rest!

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