Thursday Night Yoga Classes - Moving OnLine

I really can't believe how just a few short weeks can change everything!

My Yoga Classes will be moving to online.  Both the Seated Chair Class and the Yoga Flow Class.

I will be developing classes and recording/posting them for your Yoga use whenever you need a moment for you.

If you want to join my online community - please reach out and let me know - I'm still figuring out pricing.

Those that were signed up for my classes - we will be have a Thursday night "checkin session".

We will not be doing yoga, but will touch base about how we are doing, ask questions about the on-line classes and any special requests.

So far I only have my 15 minute morning yoga recording available, but plan to have many more by the end of the weekend.  My goal is at least 2-3 more 15 min routines for Chair and Flow yoga each and at least 1 full hour long class.

Keep Safe Everyone - and YOGA ON!!!!

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