Working from Home Tips

As many of you know - I have worked a full-time job - remote for years.

Here are my tips on how to stay sane and maintain a work life balance.  I can't say I always success at all of this - but it is what I strive for!

1)  Get up each day and do YOUR morning routine.  If you just hang out in your PJs all day - its easy to start to feel depressed.

  • Make a list of what you did before, and make sure you keep doing them.  
  • Now is the time to add good habits, and break bad ones.  
  • Eat a healthy breakfast, shower, get dressed, work out, floss, meditate, pray etc....

2)  Have a "spot" that is your "office".  When you are there you are working.

  • This will also help define a difference between working and not working.  This can be 2 different chairs or 2 different rooms anything.

3)  Done forget to eat/don't overeat/drink.  I've honestly had both issues.

  • Its easy to get absorbed into your "job" and forget to come up for air - take a break and eat meals.  Don't do this.  
  • Make sure you take time to feed yourself healthy food.  
  • Conversely - just because the kitchen is steps away - doesn't mean you should eat more than you normally do (or drink more coffee).  
  • This should be an opportunity to eat more healthy because you can control the food.
  • Remember to drink water!

4)  Be physically active.

  • Don't forget to get up and walk around once in awhile during the day. 
  • Stand and do your job at times if you can
  • If you have a phone call and don't need your computer - walk around during the call
  • Get some fresh air when its nice outside - set up your office outside if you can - to take a walk at lunch
5)  Have a transition away from work plan.

  • How will your day end?  What will you do?  Where will you go?  
  • I used to go to a yoga class.  It was a great way to end my day as I had a time I needed to be there.  
  • Now that I can't GO to yoga I try to DO yoga on my own or go on a walk.  
  • I'm also spending more time in the kitchen cooking meals with more people home all day and eating more - I need to spend more time doing that.
6)  Have activities that you look forward to when you are not working
  • Remember to do activities you enjoy outside of work.
  • Take time for your hobbies or develop some new ones
  • Reach out and call people
7)  Have a bed-time routine
  • Have a way to unwind at the end of they
  • Still do your normal stuff to get ready for bed
  • Get a good nights sleep

So in summary Have a good Plan and execute it!  Good Luck!

1)  Good Morning Routine
2)  Go to the "office"
3)  Remember to eat/drink healthy
4)  Be Physically Active
5)  Have a way to end your work day
6)  Do non-work activities
7)  Good Bed-time Routine

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