Thanksgiving Syle Meal Delivered!

I made "Thanksgiving" food for my family.  Delivered to my Dad and my Son as well.

You can only get a 12 lb turkey this time of year - good thing I was cooking for 5 vs 30!

All non-dairy for my Son.  Made homemade "mushroom soup" with non dairy for my sons green bean casserole.  All the sides were vegan (except eggs in the pie).  Not pictured homemade gravy from the turkey drippings.  My Dad made his famous cold carrots and Jello with fruit cut up to share.

For my Dad - he loves the neck!

For my Son - plenty to share with roommates.

Not Pictured - at least this much for us left at home.  My other son said the next morning "Mom - you should do a thanksgiving style meal like that more often - I'm not even hungry yet!".  This coming from a kid that eats 5 big meals a day!


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