Copper/Steel Coffee/Wine Glasses Done!

 I've had my eye on these glasses for awhile - and I finally got them and then added my own flair by painting them.  Each one is unique so everyone knows which glass is theirs!

Fall Deer Family in the woods

Nordic Skier



Roasting Marshmallows

Standup Paddle Boarding


Rosy said…
Ruth, I suppose you are the stand up paddle boarder, Gary must be the stargazer, Dalton would be the Nordic skier, Roasting marshmallows goes to the Girl Scout Marissa and that will leave snow shoeing to Spencer; how did I do? By the way-the idea is very cute and creative-love the cups!!!
Rosy said…
Oops, I forgot about the deer 🦌 in the woods so that cup goes to your extra special guest-me!!!
Ruth Pauly said…
No - I had not planned that any specific cup belonged to anyone. The cups are for my future coffee/wine bar at the cabin. I figured having very different cups it would be easier to know which one is yours for the weekend!

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