Homemade Pizza

Supplies needed for Dough:

This will make four - 12” pizzas - so if you have a crowd at your house - you will need to double this:

OPTION:  you can use sliced zucchini or sliced sweet potatoes in place of the dough if needed.

3 cups all purpose flour (can substitute bread flour or whole wheat if needed)
1 cup bread flour (can substitute all purpose if needed)
1 packet of yeast (use the packets - not the stuff in the jar - that ends up going bad to quick)
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
13oz water

One large glass bowl (I don’t like to cook in plastic and I’m not sure it will rise in a metal bowl as well)
liquid measuring cup (one cup size is good enough - something that has ounces)
plastic wrap

Put all the dry ingredients into a bowl (don’t dump the salt on top of the yeast - it kills it!)
Mix with your hands
Pour 1 cup of water and start mixing
Pour the additional 5 oz of water and continue to mix, kneed the dough until well mixed and everything is combined (about 10 min)
Cover with the plastic wrap (make a tight seal)
Cover entire thing with your towel
Take a small plate and set 1/2 cup of flour on top of your bowl with the towel (you will use this later)
Set on top of where your dishwasher counter and run your dishwasher (or in another warmish - to too warm - spot)
Allow to rise all day.

Dough can also be made before you go to bed if you want pizza for lunch.


Supplies needed for the Pizzas:

Pizza pan or skillet (I have 3 cast iron pans I use) - I think I’m going to get one more - then I have enough to make 4 pizzas at the same time!  You can also use cookie sheets (then I would have some parchment paper)

Link to Cast Iron Pan I use on Amazon - Lodge L9OG3 Cast Iron Round Griddle, Pre-Seasoned, 10.5 Inch

Olive Oil
Corn Meal (optional)
Wine (the cook needs wine :)

Optional toppings:

crab, chicken, pepperoni, oil packed tuna, sausage hamburger, anchovies etc….

pesto (green or red pepper)
pizza sauce (jar or other) - spaghetti sauce also works
BBQ Sauce

red onions (diced)
red/green peppers (diced)
white/yellow onions (diced)
banana peppers (jar)
roasted red peppers (jar)
cherry tomatoes (or large tomatoes sliced)
artichokes (jar or can)
fresh spinach

White Wine
Lemon Juice
Truffle Oil

cheese (non-diary or reg) (fresh mozzarella is fun!)

basil (fresh)
pizza seasoning or italian seasoning
red pepper flakes

Preheat your oven as hot as it will go (550) OR fire up your grill as hot as it will go
Pour some of the reserved flour onto the plate.
Split dough into 4 balls, lightly cover with flour and flatten the ball (flour makes it easier to work with)
Work the dough flat with your fingers touching it as little as possible (don’t use a rolling pin as you will not get the nice bubbles in the crust when your cook the dough!)
OPTIONAL:  sprinkle your pan with corn meal (I don’t do this but my sister does)
Lay out to fill your pan or make it a 12” size pizza on your cookie sheet (use your fingers to spread it out)
Add your toppings of choice
Sprinkle with olive oil and the pizza seasoning
Bake in oven or grill until done!

Traditional Neopolitian Pizza
Sliced Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, olive oil - add fresh basil after its cooked.


PS:  unused dough can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.  Or frozen.  Pull out well in advance of use so it gets a chance to come to room temperature before you use it!


Ruth Pauly said…
PS - here is a good wild yeast video that I did use to make wild yeast when my yeast packets were out!


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