What's for Dinner????

What's for Dinner?  For the Last few weeks I've started a rotation so I don't have to think so hard to plan my meals with all the extra cooking, I don't adhere perfectly and sometimes swap the days but I've been sticking with this and its made it so much easier to plan and cook!

Monday's - Leftover Night (or Soup/Sandwiches if we don't have any):  this week I made egg salad sandwiches.

Tuesday - Mexican Themed Meal  this week I made chicken pepper stir fry with homemade guacamole - since I don't eat poultry...I had black beans, guacamole, peppers, black corn chips and tomatoes.

Wednesday - Homemade Vegan Chili (I always make it vegan)

Thursday - Creative Cooking Night (Indian/Asian/Brazilian Inspired etc...) - Tonight's made up meal - click for recipe:  Seafood Rice Stew with Spicy Tomatoes

Friday - Pasta Meal

Saturday - Traditional Farm Style - "Meat"/Potatoes or Rice/Vegetables/Bread

Sunday - Pizza  click for recipe

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